Kapi‘olani Community College Introduces New Esports Club

The growing hype for Esports has taken the world by storm, inspiring many to pursue and share their passion for gaming through competitions, streaming and content creation, and the professional world. Hawai’i is no exception, with many high schools and universities having founded their own Esports teams or clubs. UH Esports began at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa with major financial and logistical support from ACM System. This year, Kapi‘olani Community College welcomes its very own Esports club. 

The club was officially recognized as a Registered Independent Organization (RIO) of Kapi‘olani Community College approximately a month ago. So far the club has accumulated over twenty members, with three advisors helping to run club activities. The club has become one of interest to Kapi‘olani students, as noted by their Instagram page (@esportskapcc), which is quickly growing in popularity. 

“This club marks an exciting step for Kapi‘olani in the Esports realm,” shared club advisor Adam Moura. “This club is about embracing the Esports wave sweeping across industries and campuses and integrating it with Kapi‘olani’s academic strengths.”

The club hopes to cultivate a community where all gamers, both casual and competitive Esports players, can find a supportive community. It has begun to host online game nights for a variety of games, and is preparing to make an in-person appearance as competitors in the Kawaii Kon UH Esports Smash Tournament. Kawaii Kon will be a big event for Kapi‘olani Esports, as it will mark their official debut into competitive Esports. 

[We] seek to bridge high school students to college, offering them a familiar environment to engage in. It’s important because Esports offers a platform for students to engage in tech, media, and with each other, as well as educational pathways that align with Kapi‘olani academic strengths in Animation and Media Arts,” says Moura.

This club works towards ACM System and Kapi‘olani CC’s goal of preparing students for the future by embracing digital literacy and creating welcoming spaces for students to grow.

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