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Campus Overview

The Kapi‘olani Community College began in 1946 as the Kapi‘olani Technical School at a time when Hawai‘i was still a territory of the United States. The innovative school was administered by the Territorial Department of Instruction with a strong academic focus on food service. But in 1959, as Hawai‘i was entering statehood, three additional programs were added: practical nursing, business education and dental assisting. In 1965 the college realigned its academic mission and joined the University of Hawai‘i community college system. From its original home at the corner of Pensacola and Kapi‘olani Boulevard to its current location on the slopes of scenic Diamond Head, Kapi‘olani CC is poised to take its place at the head of the technical renaissance of the 21st century!

Kapi‘olani Community College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACCJC-WASC), 10 Commercial Blvd., Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949, (415) 506-0234, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

New Media Arts – Animation


Special Admission Requirements for New Media Arts Program application materials including official transcripts, portfolios, and essays must be received by April 1 for fall semester admission. Grade reports for spring courses are due May 30. The prerequisites must be completed before entry into the New Media Arts AS degree program. Completion of coursework and grades will be considered in selecting students for the program. Admission to the New Media Arts program is based on a competitive selection of students. The criteria for selection include: Grades for prerequisite courses. Visual Art Portfolio. Essay.

Admission Procedure New Media Arts Application Deadline: April 1

How to Apply New Media Arts is a select admissions program. Students seeking admission to New Media Arts begin by taking pre-requisite art courses. An art portfolio, academic transcripts, personal statement and completed pre-requisite coursework are required to be considered for admission to the program. Students are urged to seek academic counseling early and perform well in their pre-requisite courses. Applications are accepted year-round with an annual due date of April 1st (or the next business day if April 1st falls on a weekend or UH break period).

Step 1: Take Pre-requisite Courses Required

NMA pre-requisite courses:

ENG 100 Composition I or ESL 100
Composition I ART 101
Introduction to Visual Arts ART 112
Introduction to Digital Art ART 113
Introduction to Drawing

For Interface Design applicants only:
ART 115 Introduction to Design

For Animation applicants only, select one:
ART 115 Introduction to Design, or ART 116
Introduction to 3D Composition, or ART 123 Introduction to Painting

Step 2: Submit Documentation

Application documentation instructions: See the Admissions Procedural Checklist.

Enroll as a UH KCC Student. For students who are not currently enrolled in any classes at KCC or anywhere in the UH system, you must apply online at apply.hawaii.edu. If prompted, list Liberal Arts (New Media Arts) as your major. Apply to UH Now Request Official Transcripts. Official transcripts must be sent from colleges outside of the UH system to be sent directly to the the Kekaulike Information and Service Center (KISC). To do so, request a transcript evaluation online. To be considered for transfer, be sure to request transcripts at least one semester prior to applying for the NMA program and be sure to include course descriptions for all courses taken outside the UH system.

Request Transcript Evaluation

Step 3: Submit Portfolio

Portfolio submission instructions: See the Portfolio Specifications. See a selected set of portfolio sample images for a visual reference. Portfolios are submitted online via the NMA Online Portfolio Submission Form. Submit Your Portfolio Now

For more information regarding criteria for the selection process: Criteria for Evaluation (Animation) Criteria for Evaluation (Interface Design) General Advice for All Portfolio Work Submitted: All samples should clearly demonstrate your creativity, composition, and technical skills.

Core Requirements

  • Written Communication (FW) Elective (Select one)
    • ENG 100 Composition I or ESL 100 Composition I
  • Symbolic Reasoning (FS) Elective (Select one)
    • MATH 100 Survey of Mathematics or higher or PHIL 110 Introduction to Deductive Logic or BUS 250 Applied Math in Business
  • KCC AS/NS A.S. Natural Sciences Elective
    • (100 level or higher) – See the reverse side for a list of recommended AS/NS Gen Ed course options.
    • ASTR 110, 280; BIOC 244; BIOL 101, 124, 130, 171, 172 BOT 101, 130, 201; CHEM 100, 151, 161, 162 FSHE 185; GEOG 101; GG 103; ICS 100, 111; ME 213; MICR 130, 140; OCN 201; PHYL 160; PHYS 100, 122, 151; ZOOL 141, 142, 200
  • KCC AS/SS A.S. Social Sciences Elective
    • (100 level or higher) – See the reverse side for a list of recommended AS/SS Gen Ed course options.
    • ANTH 200; ASAN 100; BOT 105; COM 201; ECON 120, 130, 131 FAMR 230; GEOG 210; JOUR 150; LAW 101; PACS 108; POLS 110, 120, 130, 171, 207, 270 PSY 100, 170, 202, 212, 240, 260, 270 SLT 102, 103; SOC 100, 214, 218, 231, 251, 257 SOCS 225; SP 181; SSCI 260
  • Animation Requirements (39 credits)
    • ART 126 3D Computer Graphics 1
    • ART 156 Digital Painting
    • ART 202 Digital Imaging
    • ART 214 Life Drawing
    • ART 157 Film Analysis & Storytelling
    • ART 212 Digital Animation
    • ART 226 3D Computer Graphics II
    • ART 246 3D Computer Graphics III
    • ART 284 Animation Studio
    • ART 294 NMA Practicum or ART 293 NMA Internship
    • ART 284 Animation Studio
    • ART 296 Demo Reel Development
    • ART 294 NMA Practicum or ART 293 NMA Internship





Program Overview

The Associate in Science degree, New Media Arts with a specialization in Animation, prepares students for careers in 3D computer animation, video game development, and emerging industries employing 3D computer graphics. The program is intended to serve professionals updating and refining their job skills and students preparing for a career in animation. The program integrates classroom instruction with hands-on production experience in a learning environment that encourages the collaborative process inherent in professional practice. The Associate in Science degree, New Media Arts with a specialization in Animation, will introduce students to the field of 3D computer animation, exploring the complex interplay of theory, aesthetics, technology, and production methodologies.

Upon successful completion of the AS degree in New Media Arts with a concentration in Animation, the student should be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of the theory, history, and principles of design and animation in the creation new media art.
  • Apply successful problem-solving skills utilizing industry standard applications, technologies, and techniques in the creative and technical production process.
  • Participate as a team member to make collaborative decisions toward shared objectives with civility, interpersonal skills, and a respect for cultural diversity.
  • Communicate effectively both visually and verbally in the classroom, community, and industry.
  • Synthesize the concepts and skills in the creation of a culminating project that integrates conceptual thinking and aesthetic application.

Potential Careers and Employers:
Animation Careers: 3D Modeler, Animator, Character Rigger, Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, Texture Artist, Compositing Artist, Digital Painter, VFX Artist.
Interface Design Careers: Web Designer, Front-end Web Developer, Information Architect (IA), User Interface Designer (UI), User Experience Designer (UX), Print Designer.

Contact an Advisor

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact the KCC NMA Counselor Steve Harris:

NMA Counselor: Steve Harris (808) 734-9510

Contact an Admission Specialist