Kaua‘i Community College

Campus Overview

The only college on the island serving Kaua’i residents, offers business, technology, hospitality, health, early childhood education and liberal arts courses. Located on the lush “Garden Isle” of Kaua’i, the Kaua’i Community College campus is a social and cultural center, as well as a popular visitor destination.

It also administers the UH Center on Kaua‘i, which provides students an opportunity to obtain baccalaureate and graduate degrees and certificates from other institutions within the UH System. The college’s Office of Continuing Education and Training serves the island’s lifelong learners and business community with non-credit courses and customized training.

Kaua’i Community College provides a transfer-level liberal arts education, but also offers a variety of vocational and professional training programs. Four-year and graduate degrees are offered through the University Center.


Creative Media



Core Requirements

ART 107D – Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 112 – Introduction to Digital Arts
ART 125 – Introduction to Graphic Design
ART 293 – Creative Media Internship
ENG 100 – Composition I – Fulfills Communication category
CM 110 – Introduction to Music Production
CM 120 – Introduction to Digital Video
CM 170 – Introduction to Event Technology
CM 178 – Introduction to 3D Animation
CM 180 – Introduction to Website Technology
CM 156 – Writing for Media or ART 101 – Introduction to Visual Arts
ETRO 101 – Introduction to Electronics Technology or ICS 101  – Digital Tools for The Information World
2 Creative Media Electives (ART 101, ART 113, ART 207D, CM 156, CM 210, CM 220, ENT 125, ETRO 101, ICS 101)
Cultural Environment: A.S.
MATH 100 or higher


ART 101 – Introduction to the Visual Arts
ART 113 – Introduction to Drawing
ART 207D – Intermediate Digital Photography
CM 156 – Writing for Media
CM 210 – Intermediate Music Production
CM 220 – Intermediate Digital Video
ENT 125 – Starting a Business
ETRO 101 – Introduction to Electronics Technology
ICS 101 – Digital Tools for the Information World

Program Overview

The Creative Media program provides students with a comprehensive introduction to a variety of digital communication disciplines: Event Technology, Music, Photography, Video, Animation, Graphics, and Website Design. Featuring accomplished industry experts, advanced computer labs, and professionally equipped studios, Kaua‘i Community College’s Creative Media program guides students to develop viable industry benchmark skills. Important components of the program are the Creative Media Consortium, which connects industry experts with students to facilitate career opportunities and continuous curriculum improvement, and a commitment to service in the community, matching student teams to work with real non-profit clients on Kauai to develop new digital materials.

Students may earn certificates in Creative Media to provide job upgrades and entry-level skills, or an Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree in Creative Media. After earning an A.S. Degree students may continue to UH West O‘ahu to obtain a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree with a concentration in Creative Media or a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in Creative Media.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs):

  • Use design elements and principles to create professional creative media projects.
  • Skillfully and safely operate creative media equipment.
  • Demonstrate mastery-level skills using creative media software applications.
  • Practice professional, ethical and legal principles.
  • Develop objectives for new projects and measure the effectiveness of completed projects.
  • Demonstrate exceptional interpersonal communication and collaborative skills.
For more info about Kaui’i Community College’s program, please visit their site.
Contact an Advisor

Shaunte Sadora
Academic Counselor
phone: 808.245.8337
email: ssadora@hawaii.edu

Stephen Watkins
Creative Media Program Coordinator
office: 808.245.0131
mobile: 808.281.1583
email: watkinss@hawaii.edu

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