Native American Round Dance

Campus / Organization:

UH West O'ahu/O'ahu Native NationZ Organization (ONNO)


UH West Oahu Outdoor Learning Space

March 12th Saturday 5-8pm (would need to be there earlier to film set up activities and for setting up camera), we are seeking two creative media students to volunteer and assist. We are looking for students to create a short video (just a few minutes) that would include the Round Dance event and could incorporate mini interviews and footage from outside the event. We also need someone to set up a camera for streaming the event live via UH West O’ahu and ONNO social media sites. During the event, both students could take turns with shooting footage and maintaining the camera feed.

A Round Dance is a dance that originated in the Great Plains of the U.S., danced by American Indians/Native Americans. It is also known as a friendship dance and is a celebratory event with singing and hand drums. Well known singers from First Nations communities in Canada and the U.S. are flying here for this event. Community from across O’ahu is invited to the event in which there will be art for sale, Native American food, a cake walk, opening protocol, etc. The event is also an education event about Indigenous survivance and a cultural exchanged between Native Hawaiians here and First Nations peoples from N. America.

Note: They flyer above will be slightly updated.

Contact Details:

Dr. Christy Mello

808-689-2494 (prefer email best way to reach me)