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Honolulu, HI

  • Who We Are:
    • Award-Winning Local Film and Video Production Company
    • Super fun work environment: we play games to take breaks
    • Healthy work environment: organic food when we can, no drugs, no cigarettes/vapor, only a couple of us have an occasional drink every now and again.
    • Hard-working environment
    • Friendly people that care about our clients
    • Learning environment. Want to learn new skills? We want to help with that.
    • Casual clothes are ok (we often wear t-shirt, shorts, and slippers though we’ll dress up when necessary)
    • Supportive and helpful environment (we care about each other and want everyone to succeed)
  • For the Marketing Internship:
    • We are looking for a marketing intern that wants to learn about advertising and marketing for our independent Feature Film and TV show productions. Please note you will receive college credit and experience from this internship.
    • Ideal Team Member:

      • Good, honest, and trustworthy
      • Pleasant and professional
      • Fast, thorough, and extremely detail oriented
      • Ability to follow up on projects consistently
      • Open to coaching and learning new skills
      • Ability to be shown something once or twice, then be able to do it on a daily basis without being told to do it
      • Not afraid to ask questions if they are unsure about a task
      • Loves to help people
      • Great note taking and follow up
      • Good communication skills with co-workers and clients via email, in-person, or on the phone
      • Ideal Skills (we can train you if needed)
      • Excellent written and verbal skills
      • Social-media savvy
      • Knowledge of web
      • Interest in film, video, media production
    • What You Will Learn:
      • online marketing campaigns
      • social media marketing skills
      • being a part of commercial projects
      • create compelling content
      • interaction with our online community
      • generate demand and interest
      • strategy development
      • opportunity to be creative
      • potentially learn video shooting and editing.
    • Our expectation is that you will take the steps necessary to do what you say you are going to do and be accountable for your actions. In other words, live “Above the Line.”
      • Accountability: See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It
      • Become part of the solution
      • Respect for others and their feelings
      • Act now!
      • Ask the question: “What else can I do?”
      • Ask the questions: “What coaching do you have for me?” and “What can I do better?”
      • Personal ownership and pride
      • Reject average
      • Show others that you care

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Ashley Joshua

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