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Honolulu, HI

  • Who We Are:
    • Award-Winning Local Film and Video Production Company
    • Super fun work environment: we play games to take breaks
    • Healthy work environment: organic food when we can, no drugs, no cigarettes/vapor, only a couple of us have an occasional drink every now and again.
    • Hard-working environment
    • Friendly people that care about our clients
    • Learning environment. Want to learn new skills? We want to help with that.
    • Casual clothes are ok (we often wear t-shirt, shorts, and slippers though we’ll dress up when necessary)
    • Supportive and helpful environment (we care about each other and want everyone to succeed)
  • For the Editing Internship:
    • We are looking for editing interns that want to learn the in’s and out’s of FCPX and Davinci Resolve.
    • Ideal Team Member:

      • Good, honest, and trustworthy
      • Pleasant and professional
      • Fast, thorough, and extremely detail oriented
      • Ability to follow up on projects consistently
      • Open to coaching and learning new skills
      • Ability to be shown something once or twice, then be able to do it on a daily basis without being told to do it
      • Not afraid to ask questions if they are unsure about a task
      • Loves to help people
      • Great note taking and follow up
      • Good communication skills with co-workers and clients via email, in-person, or on the phone
    • Ideal Skills (we can train you if needed):
      • Great storytelling ability through editing
      • Interesting editing style
      • Into studying different editing styles, techniques, and teachers
    • What You Will Learn:
      • A Quick Start to Editing
      • Learn the Interface
      • Media Management
      • Import Files
      • Ratings, Keywords and Metadata
      • Projects and Editing
      • Multi-camera Editing
      • Trim Clips
      • Audio Techniques
      • Transitions
      • Share and Export
      • Introduction to Effects

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