NFL Film Production Assistant Internship

at Studio 415 Productions
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Honolulu, HI

Studio 415 Productions is searching for a knowledgable Production Assistant to support all aspects of film production during the annual Polynesian Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week & Bowl Game in Honolulu, Hawai’i, January 18-21, 2023. The crew will count on you for various crucial tasks, from organizing sets to distributing equipment. If you want to make connections within the sports media & filmmaking industry, this is the project for you as our team has experience with NBC Sports, Dolby, PAC-12 Network, and more. If you are a motivated individual who can multi-task, solve problems and do things proactively, you are who we are looking for. The goal is to ensure production gets on smoothly and problem-free. Please note, this position is unpaid, but may be accredited to an internship.


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