“Chief of War” Internship

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Oahu, Hawai'i

MAHALO for your interest in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion internship program for the TV series, “Chief of War.” The internship program seeks to provide opportunities for up and coming artists, artisans and technicians who would like to learn what it’s like to work behind-the-camera. This would not be a suitable internship for prospective actors, directors, writers or producers.

Here’s some information on the position:

  • These positions will not displace union workers. Interns will not become a critical part of the department but will be allowed to handle equipment and materials.
  • Interns will be paid (tentatively $17.04 per hour) but no health or retirement benefits.
  • The exact amount of days of work will be determined by the company.
  • Qualified candidates should be under-represented in the film industry, preferably someone who lives in Hawai’i and plans to help grow our local film industry.
  • Must be enrolled in a college film course or have worked in or demonstrated a keen interest in IATSE-covered crafts.
  • Interns may be assigned to audio, video, electrics or similar technical fields, or our artistic crafts covered by the Art Department. We are specifically looking for interns to shadow the crafts that have the least amount of diversity.Recommendations will be presented to the company on Friday, 6/17/2022. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

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Irish Barber

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