• Robert Oshita

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    Leeward Community College

    Digital Media

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Robert Oshita is a digital media instructor and a veteran production professional with over thirty years in the industry. Owner/Operator of RSO Productions he has been doing business in Hawai‘i since 1987 and also served as the Senior Editor at Alphamedia Corporation for more than 15 years, providing directorial and editorial services for many of their projects.

His career as a director/editor has included projects such as “Hawai‘i Cooks” with Roy Yamaguchi on PBS, Sony PCL (Japan production unit), Sony Music, NHK, HVCB, Waikiki Aquarium, The Outdoor Channel, and “The Last Samurai” video featurette produced for the Warner Brothers DVD. Also, Robert’s documentary work as an editor includes Eddie Kamae’s “Hawaiian Voices” and “Sons of Hawai‘i”; PBS Hawai‘i’s “Kau Sugar,” “Hawaiian Myths and Legends,” and “First Light: Mauna Kea.” Robert continues to work with organizations like The Nature Conservancy to promote their conservation efforts throughout the islands and beyond.