• Meidor Hu

    Professor, Program Coordinator
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    Hawai‘i Community College

    Digital Media Arts

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Meidor Hu is an interdisciplinary artist comfortable moving from paint, print, drawings or installations. Before returning to teach at Hawaii Community College and UHH, Hu worked as a graphic designer and consultant across a broad range of design-related projects in the San Francisco Bay area.

She currently teaches traditional studio art classes and digital media classes here at HawCC. Meidor received a BA from University of Hawaii at Hilo and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work on interdisciplinary projects has been displayed locally at the Hawaii State Museum, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu Academy of Arts and in the continental U.S.

Her research is in the deconstruction of colors, patterns and meanings in Chinese opera painted faces. She is interested in the dislocation/relocation of the figure with painted face from the artifice of the stage to the natural environment of landscape.