• Jon Ross

    Assistant Professor
  • Campus & Program:

    Honolulu Community College


  • Email:


  • Phone:

    808 844 2338

Jon Ross Recording dolphins with underwater computer

Jon Ross is an Instructor of Audio Engineering and Post Production at the MELE Program  at Honolulu Community College. He is currently expanding the Studio’s focus on Post Production and is responsible for the design and implementation of the facilities and curriculum.


He has worked on Mirage and  Salesi with Vilsoni Hereniko and Garin Nugroho, Twenty Years with the Dolphins (National Geographic International), and The Dolphin Defender (PBS Nature).


His background in sound design and electronics has led him to the building of an underwater computer for location recording and dolphin interaction, and the collaboration with Project Delphis involving the use of a dolphin touchscreen in Director to build a consensus language interface for dolphins.