Strange Frame

“Let me tell you about one of the most brilliant and humanistic filmmakers I have ever encountered. His name is GB Hajim. When I first met and started to see the work of director, co-writer, co-producer GB Hajim just a couple months ago, I was impressed and intrigued by his artistry and visionary work. Working with GB reminds me of the time I worked with Joel and Ethan Coen on their first film Blood Simple, or when I met Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro and saw their first movies.”

‒ Jeff Dowd, The Dude aka The Big Lebowski

GB is a visual artist who uses his proven story-telling expertise to create award-winning programming. For the past twenty years, he has been directing, shooting and editing Hawaiian language dramas, animations and educational programs for the Hawaiian language immersion program. He directed and produced the first Hawaiian language spot for national television via ITVS and delivered the first feature film in an indigenous language of the Americas, Ka‘ililauokekoa, which won the Hawaii Filmmakers Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

He holds both a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, as well as a Masters of Arts from California State University, and helped to develop the first ALIAS 3D animation system at the San Diego Supercomputing Center. His formal film school training combined with his hands on experience gives GB the expertise to independently deliver quality, award-winning programming for a fraction of the normal cost. As co- producer and editor, he delivered the full- length television program, Volcanoes: Fountains of Fire, which was picked up by the Discovery Networks and is currently being distributed internationally.

GB used his background in Oceanic art to direct and edit the educational documentary Pacific Passages, a widely distributed video about Pacific island cultures, which won the Golden Apple, the highest award for educational media in the United States.

His latest indie feature, Strange Frame, attracted an all-star cast and crew, including actors Tim Curry and George Takei, Academy Award sound mixing winner Gary Rizzo, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and many others. It won Best Feature Film at DragonCon and has screened around the world. Strange Frame is currently in distribution and has been rated in the top 200 sci-fi and animated films on InternetMovieDataBase.

In the Studio with GB Hajim and the cast of Strange Frame.

GB presently runs HawaiiCon, the pinnacle of genre conventions with the largest group of celebrities ever to be brought to the Big Island. HawaiiCon’s media program features film and TV discussions, panels, and sneak peaks from both indie and major studios.