Entrepreneurship Workshop

Campus / Organization:

War Horse Strength Coach


Trump Towers Waikiki.

This event is for a Male Entrepreneurs. In the past, men have felt less inclined to share honest information about themselves if women are present. Some of the topics discussed are personal so to provide a comfortable environment for participants and staff a male videographer is required.
Males with athletic backgrounds would be preferred but not required.
The event will be held on 12/2.
Time of the event is 6am-4pm
Event will be held at the Trump Towers Waikiki.
Sound will be recorded using a Sony wireless mics
There will be outdoor and indoor shoots using natural lighting- ( beach training, working out, then walking back to the boardroom and working in conference room on marketing sales and systems )
This event will be recorded using a Sony shoots 4K camera.
We would love to get a guy who can capture specific angles, moments, slow motion stuff AND knows how to get people emotionally drawn into the visual “triumph” side of the work that we are looking to do in a men’s program.
(Basically create a Spartan warrior type feel to this project)

Contact Details:

Victor Bell