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Unmasking Our Stories: LGBTQ+ Anti-Asian Violence Under COVID19

NQAPIA Is Launching our Latest Campaign and We Need YOU To Help Us

After much consideration following our organizing against anti-asian violence community call, we have come to the conclusion that the best place for NQAPIA to contribute to this movement is to elevate and highlight the violence that is happening to our communities. As folks at the intersections of being LGBTQ + API, we are feeling the severe impact of being vulnerable to COVID19 as a pandemic as well as the subsequent rise in xenophobia and fear driven violence that is targeted at us. In this understanding, we have found it is hard to confront and organize against something that is unseen and unheard. LGBTQ+ API communities are often deemed invisible, which is why NQAPIA is committed to not only supporting our folks during this time through support groups and mental health directories, but also elevating the impact of anti-asian violence on LGBTQ communities.

We are launching a new storytelling collection campaign that aims to highlight our narratives in mainstream media and public consciousness. We are calling on you and our community to help us set the stage for this.

If you have been impacted by violence due to COVID19 please reach out to us by filling out this form here. NQAPIA will compensate those whose narratives will be highlighted across various forms of media.

Additionally, we are seeking a video media editor to help us carry this work through. This is a paid position and we are prioritizing those with lost income, if you are interested send an email with your portfolio to

To learn more, please visit the site.

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