Senior: Yung Yu


Hi! My name is Yung Hsuan Yu. I grew up in the North part of Taiwan and I spent my whole early years in Taiwan. I went to Fu Dan High School in Taiwan Taoyuan and that was the beginning of my journey in design. Later, I left my home and to study abroad. I went to Kapiolani Community college and transferred to UH-West O’ahu to earn BA degree. I am graduating with a Bachelor of Art in Creative Media with a concentration in Design and Media. I would be a Shape tool in Adobe software. If the shape tool in Adobe Xd, it would create the web containers for arranging web content. It helps layout’s hierarchy and makes a web page easy to navigate. Although, the shape tool has limited editing options in adobe Xd, however, when the shape tool is in Adobe illustrator, it can transform various shapes. It also can make infinite designs, when it collaborates with the pathfinder tool, direct selection tool, and pen tool. The shape tool is like my skill set. I can make a website look better using its design rules and when I bring an idea to life using the shape tool, it gives me a lot of possibilities on design.



Topic: Font Characteristics

Topic: What the Font?

Question: Does typeface convey its attitudes or spirit to the reader? Does typeface affect readability and a reader’s mood or emotion?

Background: My research focused on the emotion of fonts based on their characteristics. Looking at how people interpret the meaning of visual messages; do typefaces convey attitude or spirit to the readers; do typefaces affect readers’ feelings, moods, or emotions. Because perception is an abstract concept and everyone may have different emotional responses to typestyles, the research looked at leveraging emotion theory (happiness, sadness, fear/anger, etc.) for non-designers so that they would have a familiar experience finding fonts by enabling pictographs to infer the semantics of the font.



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