Senior: Walter Denson


Hello! My name is Walter Denson and I am majoring in Creative Media with a concentration in General Creative Media. My interest in photography dates all the way back to my early childhood where I became fascinated with capturing moments in photographs. It was not until my freshman year at Harding University that I was able to take my first photography class. It was there that I learned how to process and develop black and white film and prints. My most memorable project was building a simple box camera. Catching the photography bug began as a life-long hobby that would ultimately lead me to pursue a career in Creative Media with a focus on Photography. In the interim, I left Harding to serve over twenty years in the military. My photographic opportunities included details as a U.S. Army combat photographer and videographer, U.S. Embassy Diplomatic photographer, and a freelance events photographer. I also had the opportunity to study several subjects in the humanities and found them both enjoyable and enlightening, providing me with a new and different perspective on the world in which we live. After retiring from the military, I jumped at the opportunity to begin my undergraduate career at the University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu. The curriculum provided me with exposure to the full range of media courses, all of which reinforce and solidify my interest and skills in Creative Media. After completion of my current studies, my plans are to move directly into graduate work toward a Master of Photography Certification through Serge Ramelli’s Institute of Photography. While continuing my studies, I will also launch Evolution Media Group (EMG): a Digital Media Company that specializes in photography, videography, and social media content creation. I intend to start work full time as the CEO of EMG while helping to ‘Build the Beloved Community’ as taught by Puanani Burgess (Aunty Pua). I believe I can make the greatest contribution to my community by giving back to it. I plan to do this by offering internships to UHWO Creative Media Students and volunteering my time to support the Academy of Creative Media program. Over the last four years, I have continuously strived to gain and to improve my knowledge in all aspects of this Creative Media program. I was honored to speak to the Board or Regents as we sought and received approval for our new Creative Media Facility. Every step toward making this four-year Bachelor of Art Creative Media degree a reality has been a challenge. But my experience here has developed and strengthened my commitment to continually seek new ways to advance this program.

Thank you, Chris Lee for the vision. Thank you, Sharla Hanaoka, for pushing and cultivating me. Your support and influence have allowed me to grow into a Creative Media student that you can be proud to graduate from this program.



Title: Turn On the Light

Question: What Do you See?

Background: Light is all around us and is singularly responsible for what we see and how we see it. This study assessed the relationship between light and what we see. To answer this question “What do you see?”, images were taken for 60 days of the same area, but at different times of the day. The information gathered during the challenge was applied to the two projects shot after the challenge. The results also revealed that correctly exposed photos are looked at by different people, but each person sees something different in each image. Although more research is needed to identify the challenges in what we see as we age, the color theory holds true. Color theory tells us that certain colors affect us more than others. Yellow is cheerful, red sparks strong emotion, peach is sublime, blue is calming and lifts our spirits, green centers us, black is sophisticated. As you look at each image, how does it make you feel? Does that respond to the principles of the Color Theory? The results showed that there was a correlation between what people see when viewing color images to black and white images. More information needs to be gathered among a wider study group to determine to see the difference in what people see in each image.



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