Senior: Tyler Kanemoto-Propios


Hi, my name is Tyler Kanemoto-Propios I am a 23-year-old photographer. Looking back 7 and half years ago when I first discovered my passion for learning about photography I was a sophomore in high school. Never have I ever thought of taking my photography this far as to transform it into a career that I can love and enjoy. I was born and raised in Oahu growing up in an old community in Pearl City. For high school, I attended Pearl City High school. Soon after graduating from Pearl City High School, I decided to further my education at Leeward Community College because of the Digital Media Program they offered. If I had to become an artist’s tool it would be a camera. Why would I become a camera? A camera is something at least every household posses. It is something used to capture memorable or even ordinary moments in life. A camera is like a paintbrush to me because you can create your own scene on the canvas. The end results always display what you see in your own perspective from the environment around you.



Topic: Photographic Memories


Question: Can photography influence our memories for the better?

Background: The research looked at photography and the multiple influences it has had on society. By first understanding the psychological process behind memory, we may then understand how we remember things. To understand photography, the research investigated the history of such imagery. Then, by juxtaposing the two, it was purported that photography and psychology intersect. Finally, the research discussed the nuance of photography and memories. Considering the paper in its entirety, we can attempt to answer the question: “How do photographs influence memory?”



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