Senior: Tyler Kan-Tanabe


Hi, my name is Tyler Kan-Tanabe. I graduated from Mililani High School and graduated from Leeward Community College with an AA Degree in the Liberal Arts. I didn’t start my creative media journey in high school nor Leeward Community College. I actually started my creative media journey when I transferred to West O’ahu. At first, I was a Humanities major in Creative Media. And then I changed to major in Creative Media when the a new degree was offered. And now, I will be graduating a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media with a concentration in General Creative Media. If I were an artist’s tool I think I would be a blank piece of paper because my mind is usually blank until an idea comes and life is drawn into its own world on that piece of paper or erased then recreated on that piece of paper.



Topic: Trends and Popularity

Title: #korean

Question: Why has K-pop gained so much international popularity?

Abstract: What is K-pop? K-pop is short for Korean pop music. Even though Korean is not an international language like English, their pop music including their music videos and groups are starting to become more popular than before. It’s starting to become more well known internationally even though it’s not an international language that everyone speaks. So my question as a media student that I came up with was “Why has K-pop gained so much international popularity?” In this paper is my answer that I was trying to answer to my question. To answer my question the categories I mainly was looking at was the use of language, cultural sensitivity and other ways that the K-pop music industry took the steps in advance to become more international.


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