Senior: Terrence Freeney


Hello my name is Terrence Freeney and I am a Humanities Major with a concentration in Creative Media. If I was an artist tool I would be a camera, cameras capture moments in time and store them into fantastic memories, now I know what you’re thinking “a camera” yes a camera. Cameras not only capture the visual effects of art but those pictures can be used to make a new kind of art with software like photoshop. After graduation, I am hoping on joining the military within the branch of the Air Force and become a drone pilot so I can see the world through a birds-eye view.



Title: The Influence of Media

Question: Has the media made an impact on the choices people make when it comes to sustainability?

Abstract: The view of sustainability has been around for as long as 30 years dating back to 1987 when it was first brought up in the famous Brundtland Report produced by several countries within the UN. However, with the advancement in media and technology people have been more aware of their choices when it comes to doing certain tasks or chores. An experiment was done where within the first 30 days of the month testing and recordings would be done followed by an extensive research process to see what sustainable actions apply to people’s everyday lives. The purpose of this experiment is to see what people do everyday and to see if these actions affect our environment, and if these actions do affect it how can people shift these actions into a more sustainable state.



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