Senior: Tanner Isaacs


Hi! My name is Tanner Isaacs. I graduated from the Hawaii Baptist Academy. And then went on to LeewardCC and then to West Oahu to finish my degree journey. Iʻll be graduating this semester with a BA in Creative Media with a concentration in General Creative Media. Iʻm an up and coming digital/creative media producer who specializes in filmmaking, photography, and creative writing with a bit of podcasting, animation, and illustration on the side. In high school, I took film production classes and worked for my school’s newspaper, which got me interested in digital media. From 2016-2018, I studied digital media at Leeward Community College and acquired my own personal equipment and editing software. However, I felt digital media was too limited for my liking and transferred to the University of Hawaii at West Oahu to expand my knowledge through Creative Media with plans to become a filmmaker or podcaster at an unspecified Hawaii business once the COVID-19 pandemic blows over. Until I graduate, I’m concentrating on “The Happiness Project”, my official senior project which explores how mindful photography at home can cultivate engagement and happiness during the pandemic.

If I was an artist’s tool, I would be a sculptor’s hammer and chisel. The hammer and chisel are tools of destruction and creation that can do away with the most unsightly of stones to create truly stunning masterpieces like Michelangelo’s David. Chiseling is also a long and difficult process, just like life. If one can learn to patiently chisel away through the stone of difficulty that life can be, then they can proudly admire the accomplishments they carve for years to come.



Topic: Photography and Happiness

Title: The Happiness Project

Question: How does daily photography help people find happiness during quarantine at home?

Abstract: From documenting social and relaxing everyday experiences to one-in-a-lifetime events such as birthdays and weddings, photography is a popular form of positive self-expression (Bhattacharjee and Mogilner 2014, p. 4). However, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, people are unable to capture these moments as often. But in what ways can everyday life at home be engaging? This project seeks to explore people’s positive personal perspectives at home during the pandemic with the help of six family participants. Each participant was tasked to take pictures for a week based on various things that make them happy, which were compiled into a companion photo gallery website for participants to further savor their experiences. Although the project did not boost participant engagement in their positive experiences significantly, it offers a fun look at how people’s views regarding life events and happiness compare and contrast between ages.



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