Senior: Scott Alquisa


Aloha! My name is Scott Alquisa. I had a passion for video and photography back when I was a student at Mililani Middle School. I graduated from Mililani High School in 2016, and enrolled in the Creative Media program at the University of Hawaiʻi – West Oʻahu. In the spring of 2020, I became a senior pursing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Media with a focus in General Creative Media. During my time as a creative media student, I was hired as a Part-time Student Production Technician at the PBS Hawaiʻi. My experience behind the camera allows me to tell stories through media with a unique and local perspective.

Throughout my final semester, I created a three-part video series to document my experience to see if college students rely too much on their smartphone. I went through my weeks without using my smartphone for communication, social media, and entertainment. This video series features how much our smartphone plays a role in our everyday lives.

If I was an artist tool, I would be a computer. As someone who is pursuing a Creative Media degree with a focus in general creative media, I learned how to effectively express my creativity through different forms of media. On our computers, we have different programs that do specific things (Lightroom edits our photos, Premiere Pro allows us to edit videos, etc.) As a creative media student, I have all those different skills set in my toolbox.

After college, I do want to be a content creator. As a content creator, I still get to use my camera to capture photos or record videos. With my photos and videos, I am also able to design content so that it can be uploaded to a social media platform. In the far future, I do want to become a digital media teacher / lecturer and teach at the high school and even the college levels.



Title: Not So Smart

Question: Do college students rely too much on smartphones?

Abstract: The smartphone has connected users in many ways. People are now able to receive and respond to text messages and emails, share photos and videos on social media platforms, stream a wide variety of media, access the internet, and of course, make phone calls. All of these added features, along with others, is what makes our smartphone “smart.” However, has all of these added features contribute to a “smart” user? With all of its features and its convenient pocket size, it is safe to assume that people have become attached to their smartphones, with one of the biggest groups of smartphone users being college students.



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