Senior: Sarah Letarte


Hello! My name is Sarah Letarte. Growing up on Oahu, I have always been very passionate about both traditional art, drawing and painting, and digital art, like graphic design. I worked as an assistant for art classes at the Honolulu Museum of Art. After graduating from Mililani High School, I attended Leeward Community College then transferred to UH West to pursue a creative media degree. In my last semester, I had the amazing opportunity to work as an ACM student assistant. Throughout my time in the creative media program, I got to expand my skill set in art and work on a multitude of creative projects. During my free time, I enjoy listening to music and watching movies. I enjoy drawing and painting landscapes and movie scenes. In addition to creating traditional art, I also enjoy photography and graphic design. After graduating I hope to one day become an art director or graphic designer. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be a canvas because I can have the freedom to become anything. With a blank canvas there are endless possibilities to what I can become and what I can show. The canvas is just as important as any other tool because it is the piece that showcases the artist’s idea and can make a lasting impression.



Topic: Graphic Design Trends

Title: “Everything Old is New Again”

Question: How do design trends impact graphic design?

Background: Since the beginning of human existence, graphic design has been a powerful form of visual communication. By researching past graphic design trends it is proven that there are traits that are essential for making a design trend. These traits include the timing at which the design is produced, how well the design resonates to society, and the adaptation to the media of both the time period and the future. Research also shows that each decade has an element of design revived from designs in the past. This paper will observe the process of reviving old trends and applying it to a new modern brand. The goal is to recreate a logo design from modern brands, using traits from design trends of past decades, therefore proving that design trends are cyclical.



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