Senior: Ryne Cabias


Hi! My name is Ryne Cabias and I am majoring in Humanities with a concentration in Creative Media. If I were an artist tool, I would be a pencil because of its versatility and importance in fine art and creative media. I was born in the Philippines and grew in Wahiawa, Hawaii. My interest in media started when I was a kid drawing cartoons, anime, and portraits. I have expanded those interests and gotten into digital art, graphic design, and videography. 


Title: What Art You Doin?

Question: How is art a reflection of society?

Background: Art has been an important part of human history. Some of the earliest forms have allowed researchers to learn about the people of those times even when no written language existed. From the cave art created by ancient ancestors to the digital art in present-day, art has since evolved to reflect the ever-changing society and technological advancements. At the same time, many are not aware of the importance of art in society. The art of the past can give clues about how life was like back then.The connection between art and society is made clear by looking at depictions of art through the ages.The purpose of this research is to look at six different art periods and find out how art was influenced by the progression of society.



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