Senior: Roger Luis


Hello my name is Roger Luis, Jr. I am from Waipio/Waipahu. I will be graduating with his Bachelorʻs Degree in Creative Media with a concentration in General Creative Media. My interest in media has evolved and stayed the same which is very indicative of the direction of the program, appreciating the cornerstone of art, design and storytelling and using this to test boundaries. I still love traditional drawing and painting where my style leans toward impressionism and surrealism. Through my journey at West Oahu, I have since been introduced to graphic design, video editing and production. I have found a new interest in those fields and used them to explore new facets of his creativity and connections back to my roots. If I were an artist’s tool, he would be a mechanical 0.5mm hb pencil. I uses it constantly while drafting and writing. Itʻs like an extension of me!



Title: Pen Pals

Question: How does change affect social dynamics and conventional norms of interaction in regards to how we consume media?

Background: Communication has changed a lot and thus has affected the way people interact with the world and people. This research delved into the effects of change on communication in regards to social normatives and media consumption, inspired by the state of social interaction at the time. The initial idea of looking into communication led to the understanding that communication and media were interconnected. The influences of change in media technology affected the form of communication/culture of society prompting the project to shift in seeing how people interact socially at the different stages of change. Different eras of change can be classified by pre-modernism, modernism, and postmodernism, which has influenced communication and mass media, extending to its future in the global arena. With the current climate of a global pandemic, the use of modern and postmodern media and communication have become imperative to adapt to change. Studies in communication are still new and always changing and as long change occurs there is more to study.



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