Senior: Robert Locquiao


Hi I’m Robby. I’m pursuing a Humanities degree with a concentration in Creative Media. If I were an artist’s tool, I’d go old school and choose to be a simple pen and paper. There’s nothing like spitballing all your thoughts, taking notes, doodling, or mapping out a diagram of your creative goals in a diary. After graduation, I hope to take all my knowledge and get more involved with community-based projects,  most importantly that support the cultivation of  LGBT life in Hawaii.



Title: To Be or Not to Be

Question: How does Social Media reinforce or negate views of the queer community?

Abstract: This Capstone project will explore the capabilities of social media such as Instagram as a community network that can spread information about certain topics such as queer culture. Queer culture may be a new, fascinating, or an offensive type of content depending on the background, education, or openmindedness of an audience. For those interested in learning, Instagram can be a resource to provide insight on a misunderstood and underrepresented venue. By starting an online account, and in an attempt to create a complex depiction of marginalized groups, I will test how different portrayals can reinforce or negate perceptions of the LGBT community.



Creative Process:





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