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Hello! My name is Reece Takayama. I graduated from Mililani High School. After graduating high school, I was pretty lost on what I wanted to do in college. So as a result I spent most of my time in the first two semesters at UHWO just taking my general ed classes. I also was looking at the other classes on the side and getting degree recommendations from the other club members in ISC (International Student Club) that I joined. Towards the end of my second semester I overheard people talking about the creative media degree and decided to see what’s it about. Starting out I pretty much had very little experience with Adobe software and design as a whole, but throughout the courses I was able to gain a solid understanding of the basics for almost all of the software and some important design pointers through the countless feedback from my teachers. These skills ended up helping me with other areas of my life, such as my ISC officer duties when another member needed to have something designed or formatted for advertising, improving the idea process for my drawings, and being able to give out helpful feedback myself. In addition to that, throughout my time at UHWO I also gained an interest in language learning and started to learn Japanese again. It led me down a path of wanting to find language tools to help make learning a language less stressful since I had a difficult time in the past learning a second language. This ultimately led me to the idea of a language learning and video game related project for my senior capstone. I will be graduating with a BA degree in Creative Media with a concentration in Design & Media. If I were an artist’s tool I would probably be the eraser since most of my time is spent scrapping or making edits to my designs in some way.



Topic: Language acquisition through video games

Title: New Horizons and Language Acquisition

Question: Can video games aid in language acquisition?

Abstract: In this current age and time it is becoming more important to be aware of other cultures, and language is one of the important ways to access a culture, get to know a culture, and/or be able to communicate with the people native to that culture. The purpose of this paper is to explore answers to the question, “can video games aid in language acquisition?” Information regarding the basics of first language acquisition (L1) from a linguistics view and how that relates to our second language acquisition (L2) abilities. The basic sentence structure, formality levels, and the three alphabets of Japanese, and how ANCH applies to being used as a language tool will also be explained. PC games as a whole have proven or shown to provide efficient aid with providing ample vocabulary learning for L2 learners, such as Zheng et al. case study on World of Worldcraft (WOW) and Chen and Yang case study with the adventure game BONE. As with most of the vocabulary studies done with PC games, this will be carried out by taking ten Japanese words from the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) which is a console game played on the Nintendo Switch. These ten words will be taught through a structured Instagram format using drawings and animations. In doing so I will observe the impact the platform has on the effectiveness of acquiring a second language. The results of the deliverable suggest that it is possible for people to acquire a Japanese through using ACNH terminology, but it also presents some limitations as to what kinds of words (specifically with future and past tense) can be grasped and learned.



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