Senior: Rebecca Miyashiro


Aloha, my name is Rebecca Miyashiro. I was born in the Philippines and was raised around the world due to my dad being in the military. I am finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Media focusing on Graphic Design. Though my major is in design, I am also a photographer who specializes in film, but I am currently looking into creating augmented reality. Now if I were an artist tool, I would be a sketch pad, because I continuously find myself wanting to improve my designs.



Title: E Naue Mai

Question: What does Hawaiian culture sound like?

Background: Music can be viewed as one of the universal norms of creative expression. Although this practice is something that is constantly evolving and changing over time, there is one aspect that remains the same throughout centuries which is that music is used as a tool for storytelling. By looking at this topic through the lens of ethnomusicology, one can understand how the blending of different cultures in Hawaii led to many different styles of music being arranged. This research paper will focus on music created specifically in Hawaii, how it was influenced by Western contact, and what the future of Hawaiian music may sound like.



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