Senior: Nicasia Paulo


Hi, my name is Nicasia Paulo. I was born in the Philippines and was raised around the world due to my dad being in the military. I am finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Media focusing on Graphic Design. Though my major is in design, I am also a photographer who specializes in film, but I am currently looking into creating augmented reality. Now if I were an artist tool, I would be a sketch pad, because I continuously find myself wanting to improve my designs.



Title: Try Listen

Question: Is the absence (or lack) of oral traditions in popular media leading to people forgetting cultural stories and traditions today? Does popular media affect a culture based on oral tradition preservation of history?

Background: The times are changing. Nowadays, one would see less children playing outside and more children playing inside on their devices. Even with information at their fingertips, some people will not know cultural knowledge about a certain place. Schools are also changing what they are teaching to the students where they are being taught more computer skills and less motor skills such as cursive. This realization posed the question on how media affects (or affected) a culture whom was based in oral traditions. That being said, the research conducted focused in on Hawaiian culture on three main aspects: music, education and pidgin english; in addition to dabbling into the marketing aspect of the culture and how well it represents the experience of what people who have lived here knows. What was found after conducting research was that Native Hawaiians have adapted with the changing times in an attempt to “work smarter and not harder.” They have taken what they learned and changed it to benefit themselves from learning how to write, incorporating different instruments and genres to their music, using music to document their history and even creating a new language altogether to communicate effectively with people of other cultures.



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