Senior: Misha Lawrence


Hi! I’m Misha Lawrence. I was raised in Mililani since I was two years old and I graduated from Mililani High School in 2017. I would be a direct selection tool because I’d be able to go in and pick out the small details in something and adjust them until it’s perfect.



Topic: Brand Inclusivity and Diversity in Design for Mass Production

Title: One Card Fits All

Question: How has the retail industry— specifically the greeting card industry— adapted to social or cultural changes over time to be more inclusive in a society that’s been built on systemic inequality?

Abstract: This research how brands that are still working to diversify their designs can create products that promote inclusivity, diversity, and effectively reach more of their consumer audiences. As one of the many industries that design mass produce products for wide audiences, the greeting card industry has expanded greatly since the 1960’s, in which the industry began producing cards in commercial quantities (Britannica, 2017). Hallmark Ltd. became a leading greeting card manufacturer in the United States and globally with innovations in the manufacturing and design of cards. To better understand what has already been done to promote inclusivity and diversity in design, this paper takes a closer look at the ways that major brands like Hallmark have diversified their products and designs. The research of various academic scholars in the field of design and articles on design are also discussed to further understand design preferences among consumer audiences. Finally, the deliverable portion of the project is discussed in detail regarding the background research, design process, and significance. The deliverable created for this project is an original collection of individualized greeting cards based on the preferences of 20 volunteer clients.



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