Senior: Michael Karagiozis


Hello! My name is Michael and I graduated in 2006 from Coronado High School in Las Vegas, after which I went to UNLV to study music. After about 5 years I had to drop out, but eventually went back to finish school in Hawai‘i. I studied video game design since I had been making games for most of my life. From board games when I was a child to map-making mods in video games. I would always be making maps and mods while friends and family played games online instead. In high school and college, I Dungeon mastered my DND sessions with my friends. After realizing my passion, and finally getting an education for it, I am on way to publish my game.



Title:  Addicted to Life

Question: Can the mechanism of addiction, be used to encourage a skill to be learned?

Thoughts:  A lot of research has been done to show the potential of video games as an educational tool. While they do show a lot of promise, people tend not to like games they label as “educational”. Instead, they play games that are fun. Games are known to be highly addictive, so why are educational games not? Is it possible to subtly educate players in a game they don’t see as educational? This research project delves into this possibility.



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