Senior: Merrick Daliglig


Hi, my name is Merrick Daligdig. I was born in the Philippines and was raised around the world due to my dad being in the military. I am finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Media focusing on Graphic Design. Though my major is in design, I am also a photographer who specializes in film, but I am currently looking into creating augmented reality. Now if I were an artist tool, I would be a sketch pad, because I continuously find myself wanting to improve my designs.



Title: Say What?

Question: What makes gentle-progression games like Animal Crossing, so appealing that it’s used as a way to cope with mental issues?

Background: Gentle-progression games like Animal Crossing New Horizon are catered for younger gamers, yet it has become a worldwide phenomenon with the adults. The appeal goes beyond just it’s cute appearance and easy-going game mechanics, and expands on how the game connects players around the world despite the language barrier or cultural differences. The purpose of this study is to understand this connection and what does it mean in unprecedented situations like the Covid-19 pandemic. With everyone in lockdown, Animal Crossing has allowed players to feel less isolated not only through the game itself, but bridging people together through social media and memes. Understanding that humans are naturally “social animals” is key in realizing that the appeal of the game all ties in with human connection. The pandemic has put us all on the same boat, and that boat is called Animal Crossing New Horizon.



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