Senior: Melody Oki


Hi! My name is Melody Oki and I am majoring in General Creative Media. If I were an artist tool, I would be a sketchbook. My artist’s journey all began when I received my first sketchbook from my parents. I was never really interested in drawing before, until I started sketching and doodling in that book and couldn’t stop. It started as a hobby and now, after graduation, I hope to make a career as a digital artist. I would like to stay here on the island and maybe become a graphic designer or digital artist for local businesses. It would be great if I could work somewhere on the west side so I don’t have to drive to town every day.



Title:  Bye Bye Cup-O-Noodle

Question:  Can crowdfunding be the solution to the term “starving artist”?

Abstract:  The general public seems to believe in this stereotype that artists cannot obtain enough funds to support themselves or an average family’s lifestyle. These artists have been called “starving artists,” meaning they don’t even make enough money to feed themselves. The purpose of this research was to find a possible solution to this term by taking advantage of the many crowdfunding platforms that can be found online. Artists can raise money by receiving donations from their own fans and eventually can make a living. In return for their donations, fans receive special rewards from the artists. For this research, a site called Patreon was used as the focus online crowdfunding platform. A Webtoon was created and published online to gain a following of fans that could potentially become patrons on the Patreon account. An Instagram and Twitter account was also created to further promote the Webtoon and Patreon page. An Etsy Shop was also used as a comparison account to demonstrate a more traditional approach to make money while selling art online. Over time, the results of the study demonstrated the difficulties of trying to break free from being called a starving artist.



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