Senior: Matthew Tijerina


Hello! My name is Matthew Tijerina. I was born in California and grew up in Hawaii. I went to Mililani High School, and I got my A.S Degree at Kapiolani Community College. I came to West Oahu to get my Bachelors degree and here I am. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be a microphone because I am articulate and my words need to be heard.



Topic: Jobs of the Future

Topic: Perspective Real Talk

Question: What is a degree (education) worth?

Background: In this hypercompetitive world there is a debate, rather or not a college degree is really worth getting. With the cost of attending college increasing, and many students having to take out loans. Many college graduates have to pay off student debt for many years after college. There’s also ROI (Return on Investment) that should be added into the equation. Also, different degrees and different colleges can sometimes lead to more job opportunities. Now, what about for a Creative Media student? Will getting this degree lead to more job opportunities? From doing research and interviewing people. The answer is many companies want to hire people with experience, but getting a college degree can open the door for someone.



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