Senior: Matthew Kawamoto


Hi, my name is Matthew Kawamoto. I am finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Media focusing on General Creative Media. If I were an artistʻs tool, I would be a scissors because of the love I have for the editing process.



Title: Same But Different

Question: How does an editor translate a directors vision to stay true to the vision of the story?

Background: In the process of editing films and movies, it is important to understand that it is a collaborative effort. More than just a single person is working on editing a film at a given time. Oftentimes, directors have a large influence not only during shooting process, but after in the editing bay. Directors will work with their editors to help transfer the vision they have on set, into the editing bay. But if a director is not present to help guide their editor, how will the final product turn out? This research seeks to highlight the importance of collaboration during the editing process by showcasing the differences in vision the editor and director has. Through creating an “editor’s cut” and a “director’s cut,” of a single batch of footage, the goal is to be able to show the differences between how an editor thinks a film should be cut, versus how a director envisions their work to turn out.




Directorʻs Cut


Editorʻs Cut



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