Senior: Marinelle Vina


Hi, I’m Marinelle Jessie M. Vina! I studied at New Era University High School in the Philippines before moving to Hawaii, where I studied at Leeward Community College for my Associate’s degree in Digital Media. Even before high school, I was always interested in digital art and creating characters and stories of my own. After moving to Hawaii back in 2014, I kept away from school for a year just trying to adjust to things and meeting new people (and art friends) before finally going back to college in 2015. My creativity and experience expanded when I started making friends at LCC, and other fellow artists online. Over the years, I learned to become more comfortable with sharing my ideas and art with others and sharpen my skills. Art and storytelling, be it through books, films, or comics, have kept me afloat even during hard times, so I wish to be able to do the same for others and uplift them with my own work one day. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be a pencil and unruled notebook. I chose the pencil because it’s what an artist generally uses to write down countless stories and illustrate anything that comes to their imagination. No line is always exact or precise. But when refined, a series of words and images can be formed. I also chose an unruled notebook, to have something to put all those stories and ideas into. I feel like I’m still at a point where I’m still sketching out my plans, but soon I will be able to show what lies within my pages.



Topic: Repetition in Art

Title: Practice Makes Perfect

Question: Can daily repetitive practice help improve an artist’s skill?

Abstract: It is safe to say that knowledge and skill do not exist in a vacuum. To gain any of those, one would have to draw information and experience from an initial source or an action. Time and time again, professional artists, musicians, and academic professors have cited one thing that contributes to skill improvement: repetitive practice. This research paper will highlight and document a project dedicated to finding out how effective repetition truly is when it comes to improving skills and techniques, particularly in the context of art and drawing. One artist will go on an art study for 60 days, with the focusing topic being cloth. They will report their daily progress on Instagram, note what time they have spent, and explained their process (this includes pictures, references, timelapse videos, and after-study drawings/doodles). The two months ahead will be planned out accordingly. In the first month, the first two weeks will focus on using references and still photos of cloth (particularly drapes, wrinkles, and movement)  from the internet to draw. For the last three weeks, the artist will use live models and references. For the second month, the schedule format will be the same, but the concentration will shift to studying references for clothes so that the artist can apply whatever they learned from techniques and tips they learned from the first month. The purpose of this study is to see how much the artist will improve after the allotted time.


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