Senior: Makayla Yanos


Aloha! My name is Makayla Yanos and I am pursuing a Creative Media Bachelor’s Degree. If I had to be an artist tool, I would be a film camera. A film camera has the ability to capture special moments in time and later allows for you to reminisce those memories that are developed into physical photographs that last forever. After graduating from UHWO, I hope to work for a local editorial press or news broadcasting station that allows me to express my skills in post-production, editorial writing or design.



Practicum Site: Hawaii News Now

Title: This is Now

Question: How does an industry that had no real competition except for automation adjust to the way society consumes their news?

Background:  I had the opportunity to intern at Hawaii News Now and I got to learn what it was like working at a news broadcasting station as a digital intern. I had the chance to write articles for their websites, edit videos, set-up/break down podcast productions, and monitor their Facebook group. Meanwhile interning there, I wanted to gain a better understanding of how broadcasting news has transitioned over time to keep up with the changes in the way society consumes the news now that social media has been expanded and cable television is slowly declining in views.

Throughout the semester, I have developed a podcast series to document my studies and experiences interning at Hawaii News Now. I hope listening to my podcast gives you a better sense of what it is like working in this type of field and helps you understand the importance of the news and recognize the changes Hawaii News Now is doing to keep up with the changes with how people are consuming the news



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