Senior: Kori Kamealoha


Hi I’m Kori Kamealoha. I grew up on the island of Oahu and I’ve graduated from Hanalani Schools. I would be a camera because I love capturing timeless moments and making people smile.



Topic: Small Business Communities

Title: The Media Project

Question: How has social media built consumer loyalty for Hawaii’s small businesses?

Abstract: Social media has helped impact society in many positive ways, such as social movements and campaigns, but it has also impacted smaller issues like consumer loyalty. Small businesses, particularly Hawaii’s small businesses, rely on social media to keep production running. Sustainability and independence are a growing necessity in Hawaii, and supporting each other through online platforms will help fulfill that need. My research explored the many ways social media builds consumer loyalty for local businesses. Two questionnaires were curated and set out to small businesses that use and do not use social media platforms to determine their consumer loyalty strategy and how the importance of supporting local means to them.



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