Senior: Keola Borges – Myers


Aloha! My name is Keola Borges – Myers and I am graduating with a Creative Media Bachelor’s Degree. If I had to be an artistʻs tool, I would be a film camera. A film camera has the ability to capture special moments in time and later allows for you to reminisce those memories that are developed into physical photographs that last forever. After graduating from UH West Oahu, I hope to work for a local editorial press or news broadcasting station that allows me to express my skills in post-production, editorial writing or design.



Project Topic: Symbolism in Comic Book Characters

Title: Nuff Said

Question: How has society affected comic books ?

Background:  America has a long history with comic books and it’s society has played a major factor in shaping the way the characters of these stories acted and what they stood for. You could go back to 1842 with the publication of The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck which was the start of the U.S. publication of comics. The comics themselves have their own periodization much like America and can be classified as the golden age, silver age, bronze age,, and the modern age, these ages are considered the standard time frames or era but this isn’t applied by all people as some come up with their own periods. And just like these periods began to change so did the characters who were a part of them, they changed to reflect the society of time adopting their values, hopes, fears, dreams and outlook on issues which plagued people of said time. This research paper will investigate how society affected these comic book characters and their stories showing what they stood for and how it changed to match the times thus showing just how intertwined comics are with society and how it influences what these characters symbolize and stand for.



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