Senior: Kayly Romero


Hi! My name is Kayly Romero. I am from Miami, FL, but moved to O’ahu as a pre-teen and graduated from Mililani High School. Later, I transferred from Leeward CC to UH-West O’ahu. Now, I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media with a concentration in Communications and New Media Technology. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be the Razor Tool in Adobe Premiere because editing my media has been key in telling my stories. To me, the way each moment is spliced, layered, and manipulated is crucial. I may not have the latest equipment to record audio, or shoot films, but I can trust that with my Razor Tool I can start an edit that’ll bring everything together and share my story.



Topic: The Creative Industry (Practicum: 6 Pillars Marketing)

Title: Let’s Talk Internships!

Question: Is an internship valuable for students in Hawai’i?

Abstract: In order to understand the creative industry, I am completing a marketing internship at one of Hawai‘i’s premier ad agencies. Research shows that, as of 2019, 56% of interns were able to convert their position into full-time, entry-level jobs. In addition, about 58% were offered at least one full-time job after their internship (Zuckerman). With over half of interns being offered entry-level positions after their experience, why aren’t more students in Hawai’i considering an internship? My goal with my marketing internship is to explore the creative industry, specifically in Hawai’i. I created my research question to explore this idea and to discuss my personal internship journey in hopes of helping students find out if an internship could be right for them.



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