Senior: Katie Jones


Hello! My name is Katie Jones. A Midwest transplant, I love SCUBA diving on the south shore Kaua’i while pursuing a degree in Creative Media. Life started in Indiana, but I’ve lived more of my adult life in Missouri. The last four years I’ve been on the beautiful garden island of Kaua’i, working as a SCUBA instructor, photographer, and marketing assistant. My hobbies are going for long walks with friends, streaming comedies and dramas, riding bikes, fishing, gardening, and trying new foods. I love traveling and exploring, and as I’ve taken 2020 off from leaving my home with the rest of the planet, I’m itching to get out. If I could be any artist’s tool, I would be a library because every artist needs to do some research first.



Topic: Affiliate Marketing

Title: Making Money the Passive Way

Question: How have trends in content consumption affected an individual entrepreneur’s ability to excel as an affiliate partner?

Background: Understanding performance-based marketing, each party’s role as well as the history of affiliate market share and current trends will help entrepreneurs develop a content-focused affiliate strategy for success.



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Creative Process:




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