Senior: Kathleen Acasio


Hi, my name is Kathleen Jane Acasio. I’m from Wahiawa and I went to Leilehua High School. My creative journey after high school was to go into photography as a major though as I couldn’t find a specific major of photography I thought I would explore what is out there. As I was looking through the different colleges I noticed that UHWO had a creative media program and that interested me because then I could learn more and be exposed to anything that is creative such as film, art, drawing, etc to let myself explore the different possibilities. I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Media, General Creative Media. If I were to be an artist tool, I would be a camera because there’s an open world within those lenses. Another dimension of art can appear. It’s not just snapping a photo and seeing an image you saw but another way of looking at it. Different perspectives can come out of using a camera, it can open people’s eyes.



Topic: Social Media & Anxiety

Title: The Jones Effect

Question: How does social media affect anxiety?

Abstract: Social media has some advantages and disadvantages that have positive and negative effects on people’s mental health. This research will explore how social media can have a harmful effect on their users as well as looking at how anxiety would be affected. Studying the literature that is used, explains different scenarios of negative concepts such as addiction, distress, and self-esteem issues though along with what is stated as bad there are also positive concepts along with it. As people know that social media can be a habit and would be hard to break through coming up with an alternative to help people cope with their mental state can be helpful since we can’t control the number of people being on their social media platforms though we can try to get their attention with posting on media about the brawl between mental health and how they can try to manage it. The purpose is to gain information about anxiety disorders and how to improve them along the way. There are many issues dealing with anxiety though as it can give users the idea of it as a positive way and using media to try and better themselves since social media is flooded with many people with similarities it can be a helpful tool for people to talk about how they feel.


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