Senior: Kady Pascual


Hi! My name is Kady Pascual and I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Media. I live in Ewa Beach which is about 10 minutes away from school but somehow, I always find myself running late to school. Life is constantly throwing curveballs and hurdles to go over so, if I were an artist tool, I’d be an eraser. Earasers have the ability to wipe the slate clean and give you opportunities to start over and try again. After graduation, I’m going to try to get into an internship at Disney. They have really cool opportunities and it’s a really fun company to work with.



Practicum Site: Surfboard Factory Shop

Title: Catching the Wave

Question: What can be considered a successful social media account when it’s connected to a small business?

Background: I will express the importance of having a social media account while owning a small business. Combining my research and my experience while working with SFH this semester, I will uncover the correct tools and steps to create a successful social media account and what goes behind each post. Focusing my research on mainly Instagram, I have discovered how to create a social media plan and strategy, how an account’s focus should be divided, and what the traits of a successful social media account are. As of right now, SFH has an Instagram account but it is not doing so well. Although they have a large following, their posts do not have the engagement it needs to attract business.



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