Senior: Joshua Pena


Hi, my name is Joshua Pena. I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I Graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2015. From there I attended Honolulu Community College where I graduated with an associates in audio engineering in 2018. Thus leads to the present where I transferred to UH West Oahu where I’m trying to complete my bachelors in general creative media. If I could any artist’s tool, I would say the paint brush. The reason being is because I feel as a musician and audio engineer, When i write music and mix it not only am I painting the canvas I’m filling in all the details but Im putting on all the final touches down to the protective coat.



Topic:The Relationship of Sound to Experiences

Title: Lightweight Audio

Question: Can manmade audio (inclusion of all audio works) take away from an experience opposed to the environmental sound experience?

Background: This paper looked at the relationship between sound and experiences. In this day and age people have unlimited access to man made audio ( streaming music, podcasts, television, movies and so on). It’s already known that man-made audio can have an effect on the listening experience based on countless scientific studies. The self experiment looked at whether or not having all these man made audio can have an effect that takes away from an experience, opposed to a natural sound environment one would experience normally. The literature dives into other studies that help guide the self experiment. For two weeks, the goal was to eliminate any man made audio and the next two weeks reintroduce the man made audio to see if there was any change. The experiment continued for several weeks.



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