Senior: Joshten Mendoza


Hi, my name is Joshten Mendoza. I graduated from Waipahu High School and started my college career at Leeward Community College. My journey hit a lot of things outside animation (what I was going to college for): script writing, video pre-production, video post-production, Movie Special Effects, Photography, Painting, etc. This coming Saturday, I’m going to be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Media. If I was an artist’s tool, I would be a pencil because the pencil is where every artist starts off even digital artist at some point drew with a pencil, but the pencil is not only an artist’s tool but everyone’s tool.



Topic: Politics and Social Media

Title: Cartoons vs. Meme

Question: Can political cartoons’ still be effective in a digital age?

Abstract: Political Cartooning, is a graphic art form, using an exaggerated art style to poke “fun” while also being critical at political issues, people, or events. But as the internet rose and media became increasingly digital, political cartooning amongst other things, was left behind. This research paper will see if political cartoons’ can still be effective in this digital age. Twitter being a platform that practically everyone on planet Earth uses even Presidents; “tweets” have become the new way for getting one’s opinions out to the public and the world nearly instantaneously, this platform will serve as the data source for this paper’s research. Over a 5-week period, research was conducted by creating a Twitter account posting a tweet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday containing a political cartoon made by me, it’s title and a link to a survey. The data that was going to be recorded was originally just going to be the Tweets’ Likes and Retweets, however on Wednesday of Week 2, it was noted that the Tweets were not garnering enough engagement, so the data set was changed to include Impressions and Total Engagements. A parallel account, that will follow the same routine, was also made to provide comparative data. The research proved to be inconclusive, while the tweets were being “seen” on Twitter, they weren’t being interacted with to draw a decisive conclusion. This reveals that Twitter may have not been the platform for this research or that the design process was not sufficient enough to gather workable data.



To view more about my project: Politicized 2021 & Politicized Memes



Creative Process:


politicized memes artist process



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