Senior: Joseph Dingal


Hi! My name is Joseph Dingal and I am majoring in Creative Media with a concentration in General Creative Media.  I am from Waipahu, Hawaii and a graduate of Roosevelt High School. My interests began as a kid watching Dragon Ball Z and wanting to draw the characters, then wanting to learn how to do graffiti or street art, which led to wanting to learn how to paint (watercolor/acrylic), then moving my interests digitally. If I were to be an artistʻs tool, I would be a blank artboard.



Title: Waipahu In-Sight

Question: How is art a reflection of society? How does media affect a societyʻs perception on a community?

Background: Through media, it is no question that truth and perception play a big factor on how it can easily and effectively manipulate society. The term Hostile Media Phenomenon, also known as HMP, can create a biased outlook towards a group of people. Despite what is being said on different media platforms, the main question people ask is if it’s true or not? How credible are these answers to topics circulated on these platforms? Should people believe the person giving out these “facts”? Discovering how the media influences society, the main concern is the potential of mediaʻs impact on creating negative effects on communities. This potential results in how people actually view the community and thus how can a community change this narrative.



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