Senior: Joe Baldueza


My name is Joseph Joel Baldueza and I will be earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Media with a concentration in General Creative Media. I was a transfer from Leeward Community College’s Digital Media program and specialized in Digital Photography. I am also a 21-year veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

If I were to be an artist tool, I would definitely be a digital camera. Although I was an Electronics Technician in the Coast Guard, it was through my other duties and responsibilities throughout my career that I discovered a passion for creating images with a camera. Photography has always been a creative, as well as an emotional outlet for me. Being able to produce an image that someone else connects with has a satisfying and therapeutic effect. It is that emotional connection for which I am continually striving. My love for photography is what got me interested in pursuing a bachelors degree in the Creative Media field in the first place.

Upon graduation, I’m hoping to remain in Hawaii and pursue a position as a Creative Media Specialist/Digital Content Creator that will allow me to integrate my skills as a photographer, videographer, illustrator graphic designer, and/or web designer.



Title: Healing Hands

Question: How Art Therapy is being utilized by people in Hawaii with anxiety issues to heal?

Abstract: This study is an examination of how people in Hawaii are using art therapy methods to cope with anxiety disorders. Personal interviews were conducted with four individuals experiencing varying anxiety disorders and other mental health-related issues. Results from the interviews revealed that the actual process of creating art and self-expression led to the alleviation of stress and anxiety, and not the end product itself. Additionally, two separate Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) questionnaires were administered to determine baseline and current anxiety levels prior to and after the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The questionnaires revealed that stress and anxiety levels have significantly increased since the pandemic.



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