Senior: Jeno Tolentino


Hi! My name is Jeno Tolentino. I grew up in Ewa Beach, and I attended James Campbell High School. I’ve been attending UH West Oahu for 4 years now. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be a camera because I like to capture and highlight moments.



Topic:Cinematography’s role in Filmmaking

Title: The Lookout Project

Question: What is cinematography, and how it gives a deeper meaning to a film’s narrative in story, mood, or emotion?

Background: Cinematography consists of composition, framing, lighting, background, camera motion, angles, shot selection, depth of field, and much more to produce a strong image quality of a scene. The purpose of cinematography is to set the tone of not only a scene or a shot, but also set film visual narrative. It acts as a visual guide for the audience to see the emotion, tone, and mood set in the story or scene. Psychologically, it makes the viewers engaged to what they’re looking at a shot or scene. Film has existed since the 1880s, and its goal is to make the audience feel and to connect to the visual story. With Cinematography playing an integral part of film and media, it helps convey the connection through its craft of color, tone, and composition. The research looked at cinematography’s purpose on how it gives deeper meaning to a film’s narrative for the viewer’s attention to their perception of story, mood, or emotion.



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