Senior: Jaleel Shavers


Hi! My name is Jaleel Shavers, I am a creative media student going for a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Media with the General concentration. If I were an artist tool I would be keyboard shortcuts. Here to help make things convenient instead of taking the long way. I hope to gain popularity as a YouTube content creator as well as furthering my education.



Topic: Hey Ma, Look at Me!

Question: Does the change in the YouTube algorithm affect potential popularity for new content creators?

Abstract: Creating content for YouTube may sound like a simple task to some. You take a video, edit, and upload. Sometimes it’s to show friends and family and sometimes it’s to cater to certain audiences. But there are others that seek a career on YouTube. For those with that aspiration, you must first analyze a certain spectrum of YouTube which is known as The Algorithm. The YouTube algorithm must be understood to push the popularity of your channel and to gain subscribers and view times. This research will be broken down to help get to the analysis of YouTube’s current algorithm.



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