Senior: Filifaatali Mauai


Hello! My name is Filifaatai Mauai. I went to Waianae High School then moved onto UH West Oahu after graduation. Shortly after that I transferred to LeewardCC where I completed most of my lower division credits and ended up getting a scholarship to study in Japan for three years while there. Following that I moved back to Hawaii, worked for a year, then decided to come back to school to finish my degree with UH West Oahu. If I were an artist’s tool, I think that I would be a kneaded eraser because I believe that I’m flexible enough to adapt to the needs of many situations while still getting work done.



Topic: Cultural Designs


Question: Can animated film/video games embed a sense of culture into their visuals?

Background: Because we live in a day and age where media from across the world is easily accessible within seconds, the importance of knowing by and for whom something is produced as well as where the boundary between cultural appropriation and respectful use of culture are drawn increases by the day. The purpose of the original project was to look at the intersection of two cultures and present simply what it means to live between cultures as someone from a multicultural heritage.

Due to some difficulties with finding the balance between cultural accuracy, story, and appeal, that project has since been moved to the back-burner to allow time for it to more fully develop it after the term ends. The purpose of the second project term focuses mainly on the food traditions selected by UNESCO as important practices to preserve as part of intangible world heritage. The presentation of culturally significant foods and practices to an audience to both introduce and educate them on the types of food available around the world, in an appealing way, was key. Throughout this project I adjust the presentation of the art slightly going between more accurate representations of these items to more stylized, and varied up several other factors including posting time and caption style in order to see what my audience receives well and would ultimately get this type of cultural knowledge out to the most people possible.



To view the project on Instagram: Unesco World Heritage Food Practices



Creative Process:





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