Senior: Emma Lake


Hello! My name is Emma Lake. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, although my family lived a lot of places due to being military. I attended Mililani High School and graduated in 2018. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be an art tablet, because that can allow artists to create all kinds of art in digital space, and it is my preferred tool.



Topic: Participatory Art

Title: Help Wanted

Question:How has online participation impacted participatory art?

Background: As part of my senior capstone, I both created collaborative TikToks to as part of my research into how interactive art develops online, as well as got the opportunity to be Exhibit Fellow for Hawai’i Contemporary for Hawai’i Triennial 2022. As Exhibit Fellow, I was able to lead and organize the student exhibition Imagined Futures to create artworks around the site of Pu’uokapolei and how it could be used as a community space in the future. Included schools from throughout West O’ahu including UHWO, which I represented at the exhibition I made physical interactive art panels for the exhibit. Comparing making interactive TikToks versus making an actual in-person exhibit, the differences are very clear. Making online interactive art, it was very difficult to get people to interact – at most the videos usually got a few likes. Comparing this response to the physical exhibit, it was much easier to get interaction. This was probably because, while using TikTok to create is relatively easy, it is still easier to just like the video and move on, or not give any input at all. Meanwhile, the exhibit included instructions and was pretty much all set up, so participants just needed to choose an input and put it up. In this way, additionally, participants in the physical exhibit already knew about art and interactivity, whereas getting my TikToks in front of people relied on the algorithm, which I had little to no control or influence over, making it harder to get the right kind of engagement.


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